Which of the following is a generic term that covers a broad range of feelings that people experience?


1)      Which of the following is a generic term that covers a broad range of feelings that people experience?


A)    affect


B)    knowledge


C)    insight


D)    attention


E)     cognition




2)      Which of the following is a characteristic of emotions?


A)    Emotions are reactions to a person or event.


B)    Emotions last for a longer time period than moods.


C)    Emotions are never action-oriented in nature.


D)    Emotions lack a contextual stimulus.


E)     Emotions involve less intense feelings than moods.




3)      Which of the following terms best describes an intense feeling directed at someone or something?


A)    Perception


B)    Cognition


C)    Mood


D)    Reasoning


E)     Emotion




4)      Ashley Madison works as a receptionist at a fashion magazine. One morning, her boss walks into the office and yells at her, telling her that the front office is a mess and she needs to clean it immediately. After her boss leaves the room, Madison goes to the front office and violently slams trash into the bin. Which of the following best describes Madison’s anger?


A)    A recognition


B)    An insight


C)    A mood


D)    An emotion


E)     A perception




5)      __­­__refers to feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack a contextual stimulus.


A)    Affect


B)    Cognition


C)    Mood


D)    Thought


E)     Reaction


6)      Robert Springer woke up in the morning and felt a sense of joy and peace as he got ready for work. At work, though challenges came his way, he tackled them without getting stressed about them. This feeling lasted for several days that week. What is one of the reasons that Springer’s feeling can be categorized as a mood and not as an emotion?


A)    It is more intense than emotions


B)    It is brought about by specific event


C)    It is prolonged in nature


D)    It is a positive feeling


E)     It is indicated by a facial expression




7)      When Ariana Winter is told that he dog has been killed by a car, she feels deeply saddened. Her feelings are then overcome by a surge of anger at the car driver. However minutes later, she is able to laugh and talk about the good memories spent with her pet. What is one of the reasons that Winter’s reaction can be categorized as an emotion?


A)    Its cause is general and ambiguous


B)    It lasted for a brief time period


C)    It is not action-oriented


D)    It is a negative feeling


E)     It is cognitive in nature




8)      Which of the following statements is most likely to be true regarding moods?


A)    Moods are always brought about by specific event


B)    Moods last for a very short period of time such as a few seconds


C)    As compared to emotions, moods are more likely to be clearly revealed by facial expressions


D)    Moods are more fleeting than emotions


E)     Moods are cognitive in nature




9)      Katherine Connor started her day with a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. However, something about the day makes her feel low. When she reaches the office, she feels upset and distracted from work, although she cannot pinpoint a reason for feeling this way. She continues to feel upset and distracted through the rest of the day. Which of the following is she most likely to be experiencing?


A)    A response


B)    A reaction


C)    A counteraction


D)    An attitude


E)     A mood




10)  Erin Corbett works at a software company, in charge of the help desk. A short while ago, she received a call from a discontent customer about a problem he is facing due to the company’s software. Though she tried to help the customer with the sof




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