What did you learn about this identity group that you did not know before?

Individual Final Project: Interview Assignment

You are to locate and interview one working individual . The individual must belong to a different identity group from yourself, and you are tasked with interviewing that person about that differing identity group.  For example, an interviewee could differ from you by generation (centennial versus Gen X), by race, by sexual orientation, or gender, or immigrant status, or physical or mental disability, etc. Ask the interviewee if you may speak with them for about 30 to 40 minutes for a course assignment. Be prepared and be professional. If doing the assignment in person, be sure to dress professionally. This project can also be done by phone or your interviewee may submit their answers to you in writing. Your completed project will result in an interview comprised of 10 interview questions, followed by a brief integration of relevant course material, and your detailed answer to 5 discussion questions at the end of each interview based on the format described below. This assignment is worth 100 points.

A. The first page of each interview should be a cover page with your name on it, the name of the interviewee, the title of the assignment (“interview assignment on the topic of [race]”), the topic of the interview (e.g. “Race Diversity”, “Age Diversity”, “Gender Diversity”, “Sexual orientation Diversity”, or “Global/ International Diversity”, “Disability Diversity”) and the date of the interview.

B. On the second page , include the following mandatory items in the following numbered fashion:
(25 points per interview)

1. Name of interviewee and contact information (points will be deducted if contact information is missing.)
2. Race and ethnicity of the interviewee
3. Age and sex of interviewee
4. Company for which the person works or used to work, length of time in the position, contact information for the person
5. Level of education, training, or certifications

C. On the third page of your report number items 6 through 10 using the mandatory questions below *based on the topic of your interview (25 points per interview). 
6. what are their thoughts about [race, sexual orientation, or gender, etc.] in America?
7. have they ever encountered any form of prejudice or discrimination at work or outside of work?
8. how diverse is the place for which they work?
9. had they ever thought about how life would be if they were another [race or ethnicity, gender, younger, straight, or gay, etc.]?
10. how would they describe their interactions with those from different [racial, age, or sexual orientation, etc.] groups?

D. Lastly, the items numbered 11-15 (the last five interview questions) can be asked using some original questions of your own to total five more questions *based on the topic of your interview. Below are some examples of additional questions you might ask. (25 points per interview).

  • have they ever been harassed or bullied at work?
  • do they believe that [racism or sexism, etc.] will ever cease to exist?
  • do they feel included at work where they can be their whole selves racially or ethnically or based on their gender or sexuality?

You should have a total of fifteen numbered items including the interviewee’s information (items numbered 1 – 5), and ten interview questions (items numbered 6 – 15). List the questions you are asking and number those questions in your report as 6, 7, and 8, etc. You may paraphrase the interviewee’s answer when reporting the interview, but list every question that you ask word for word. Be sure to ask follow-up questions when necessary for when the interviewee offers one-word or one-sentence answers. The question will not count if it is not fully answered. I encourage you to ask as many questions as you can to make sure you get some good answers. Be sure to ask follow-up questions when necessary for when the interviewee offers one word or one sentence answers. The question will not count if it is not fully answered. You may paraphrase and/or summarize the interviewee’s responses and you do not have to transcribe their responses word for word.

E. In addition to reporting what the interviewee said, you need to integrate the course material with at least one answer from the interviewee. Explain the course concepts and list the page number(s) or powerpoint slide(s) where the material is discussed using italics font at the end of the interview.  For example, at the end of each interview, your relevant course material section should begin as, but not be limited to the following verbiage, including a section that reads:

“Relevant course material: We discussed xyz on page 123 of chapter ##. What the interviewee said is directly supportive of the course materials because …. She does abc…”

(Or you could also report) “What the interviewee said is similar to…”


“This contradicts with…”

When integrating relevant material covered in the course, be sure to demonstrate that you understand how the material learned in class relates to the information you get from your interviewee. You are expected in your report to offer your opinion, insight, and connect the relevant material with what was said. You should also identify if it supports or conflicts with what you have learned and you may (in your report, not to the interviewee) offer comments or suggestions regarding their statements. Failure to include this will result in a deduction of up to 10 points.

F. Finally, answer the following questions in detail at the end of each interview. Write each question out and answer it.  (25 points per interview)

1.What answer did you find the most surprising? Why?
2. What did you learn about this identity group that you did not know before?
3. Did the information you learned cause you to think differently about workplace diversity or discrimination?Why or why not?
4. Will what you learned from the interviewee affect the way you interact with the identity group they belong to? Why or why not?
5. Based on what you learned from the interviewee and this course, what can you do to promote equality and inclusion in the workplace?





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