The sales function is different from the selling process for which reason?


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The sales function is different from the selling process for which reason?

A. The selling process is theoretical but the sales function is empirical.

B. The selling process is performed by sellers but the sales function is performed by buyers.

C. The sales function can only be carried out by salespeople, but the selling process refers to many methods of selling.

D. The sales function refers to many methods of selling, but the selling process is carried out by salespeople.

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The logical next step after a salesperson alleviates a buyer’s objections is:

A. closing the sale.

B. identifying the buyer’s needs.

C. making a presentation.

D. implementing the product.

Question 3 of 20
Inside salespeople can sell at a company facility, or at which of the following locations?

A. A contact center

B. A channel center

C. A vertical center

D. A forecast center

Question 4 of 20
A vertical rep is one type of salesperson. Which of the following is an example of a vertical rep?

A. A salesperson who sells within accounts in a set geographic region, no matter what the industry

B. A salesperson who sells within accounts in one industry in a set geographic region

C. A salesperson who sells within accounts in the same industry, no matter where they are geographically

D. A salesperson who sells within accounts in one distributorship

Question 5 of 20
Finding a sustainable competitive advantage is difficult because:

A. a company needs a sustainable competitive advantage to succeed in the market.

B. market penetration makes sustaining an advantage difficult.

C. many advantages (product and low price) can be mimicked by other companies.

D. it is easier for a company to focus on sales than on service.

Question 6 of 20
In what type of sales situation is a broker commonly used?

A. When the buyer is in one country and the seller is in another

B. When the buyer and the seller are divisions of the same company

C. When the buyer and seller are in the financial industry

D. When the buyer likes to place multiple orders from the same seller

Question 7 of 20
Another word for “channel” in the phrase “sales channel” is:

A. order.

B. staff.

C. method.

D. website.

Question 8 of 20
Which of the following characteristics is useful for both salespeople and sales managers?

A. The ability to work independently

B. The ability to understand the sales process

C. The ability to organize activities and people

D. The ability to delegate

Question 9 of 20
Which of the following is an example of using social capital to help grow a company?

A. The HR manager of a company hires new employees to staff a project that will increase revenue by 25 percent.

B. The CFO of a company increases the budget of the research and development department so they can create a product that will triple profits in 18 months.

C. The CEO of a company asks a friend in the automotive industry to cut a company-wide discount on corporately- leased vehicles, which saves the company $500,000 a year.

D. The Sales Director of a company institutes a policy requiring all new salespeople to train with a senior salesperson for six months before going out into the field alone.

Question 10 of 20
A salesperson should not conduct a presentation of the product until he or she has determined that:

A. the buyer has the money and affiliation to understand the presentation.

B. the buyer has the money, authority, and desire to buy the product.

C. the buyer has been approached previously by another salesperson.

D. the buyer understands the features and benefits of the product.

Question 11 of 20
What does the word “purify” mean in terms of the sales function?

A. It means to change the ways non-sales activities occur so they cost the company less.

B. It means to ask all employees, regardless of job function, to sell to any customer they have contact with.

C. It means to carefully consider the product line and eliminate products that do not sell well.

D. It means to convert factories and production lines to have the least environmental impact possible.




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