Nursing Role and Scope

  3 paragraphs with 3 at least 3 sentences each.

Nursing Role and Scope

Daylin Lopez

February 19, 2020

Discussion Question Week 7

Nursing by profession is very wide. Nursing career paths which are supported by graduate-level academic programs are expert clinician, clinical nurse leader, nurse educator, nurse executive, and nurse researcher. As a nurse, one can view it as a career or as a job. Nursing as a job entails obtaining the least amount of education required to obtain a license for a nurse. This is done through obtaining the minimum continuing education units which are required for licensure (Shea, 2016). Through this, one goes on with the job as long as they are located some amount of work which results in good pay. One just studies for the license to obtain the job, and get paid.

Nursing as a career entails furthering nursing studies to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing and an advanced nursing degree. To view nursing as a career entails one doing further researches which help in nursing (McGee et al., 2019). Also, one can enroll in leadership positions to guide others in the field of nursing. In my view, I consider nursing as a career. When doing a task, it is always good and necessary to do it out of passion and more efforts. I view nursing as a jovial career which entails many aspects. Interacting with patients and helping them the best from passion, knowledge and experience. It does not entail just performing tasks because one is employed to do so. It is not more of pay, but more of further studies and passion.

Professional goals related to nursing are; healthcare should be delivered appropriately, practitioners should be given enough training to help in the career, there should be enough nursing educational preparation before one qualifies to be a nurse, nurses should utilize their education and training in the right manner, nurses should undergo through an improved education system which promotes academic progression, there should be effective workforce planning and policymaking which require improved information structure and better data collection (Masters, 2017).

Many students who enroll in the field of nursing do it out of passion and desire. Patient care being the primary core objective in nursing, many strive to ensure that they offer the best they acquire from the training. An interview is one of the ways of showcasing one’s professional self. In an interview for my ideal future nursing role, I would take the following steps; know myself- the first is the thing is to acknowledge that am a nurse by profession and this is an interview of a duty of call (Shea, 2016).

Therefore, I have to follow the right procedures in the interview. Know the healthcare organization I will be interviewed from-I have to acknowledge the healthcare center where I will be interviewed from and what is required. I should also make up a follow up of the characteristics of the organization. Prepare my documents ahead of time before the interview- I should ensure that I have all the necessary documents required for the interview to avoid collisions during the interview.

Look professional- I should ensure I look presentable as a nurse during the interview. One’s appearance matters the most, and it is good to have a good appearance. Plan for the day- I should make a good plan which will suit my interview appropriately (Shea, 2016). Get some sleep- I should have enough sleep and rest before the interview to avoid confusions and forgotten during the interview.


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