How to deliver an oral presentation.

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Learning is the process of taking in new information and applying it to a situation or demonstrating it to others.  The ability to learn is possessed by humans, and animals; some learning is immediate, and at times a single event can induce something will never forget (e.g. being burned by a hot stove), but much skill and knowledge accumulates from repeated experiences.  My presentation will utilize more than one way of learning, I will have video, audio; from my power point slide, handouts, pictures, and demonstration activities.  The handout will be in English and Spanish, the power point slide will be shown slowly and interpreted by my selected leader to state what I say in Spanish.

During the past few weeks, I have interviewed several people from different age groups and received some feed back on their level of understanding.  I will make sure my handouts and infographics are very simple and not overly crowded.  Upon setting my tables up for my audience, I am going to make sure the groups are mixed amongst age group.  All ages at each table, not allowing all teens at one table or all adults; etc.  Women, men, and young adults at each table is my goal to establish a more conducive learning environment.

Having my handouts in simple colorful form, will grasps my audience attention; but more importantly having it in the language they understand best is going to be more productive and increase my chances of delivering my message effectively.  I am going to show pictures of the more commonly used blood pressure medication and show them where they can research and learn about the blood pressure pills, they are prescribed.  I will work on decreasing the use of Google to find out about hypertension and blood pressure medications; by giving them medical website that are designed by medical physicians.

One of my goals, that I am still working on; is the importance of investing in a blood pressure monitor, if they can afford one.  I will also give them a list of stores that usually have a blood pressure station, such as Walmart and CVS.  I am going to also discuss with the apartment manager the possibility of keeping a blood pressure monitor in the office where residents and come in and utilize it to take their blood pressure on site.  Anyone that gets an extremely high reading, will be encouraged to come next door to the hospital.

Clark, M. J. (2015). Population and community health nursing (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson


This is very delicate part of the project because there many variables. People learn in a variety of different ways and situations. It is important to keep in mind that in order to reach the majority of people in the community it is good to try to be respectful and understanding to everyone’s needs. When preparing my presentation, I will take into consideration my audience. My audience will predominately be younger individuals. The presentation should be focused with that in mind. Young people will have different focuses in relation to older adults. Adolescents have different reasons for drug use from adults. Adolescents will often try drugs in a social situation. They feel pressured to do something they normally would not do. Friends that are often using drugs and want to be like them. Adults on the other hand use drugs to deal with stress or anxiety. Another reason Adults use is to deal with chronic pain. What ever their incentive for using drugs, it is unhealthy and dangerous. What is needed is education. They need to understand what these substances are doing to their body’s and how they can get help. In order to get the message to them delivery of the information must be interesting and pertinent to the audience. The presentation should be given in a way that all can understand the underlying meaning of what is being talked about. Content must be appropriate for the listening audience.

Another important factor in the presentation is to maintain interest. Time plays a big point of presentations. Having the presentation last for a long time presents a risk of effectiveness and success (Wellstead, Whitehurst, Gundogan & Agha, 2017). It is also important to have the audience interact during the presentation. This ensures that material is being heard and allows for response from those present.  The presenter should attempt to maintain eye contact with the group. The presenter should have attractive visual aids. It is helpful that speaker use different voice techniques to maintain interest in the topic. It is always a good idea to finish with a recap and clarify information previously discussed. Finally, asking if there are any questions is always a good idea to have handouts and pamphlets. These will summarize the main points of the presentation. It will also serve as reference material. Names of treatment centers and counseling opportunities will be available at a quick glance.  This information can be helpful to the user, family or friends.


Wellstead, G., Whitehurst, K., Gundogan, B., & Agha, R. (2017). How to deliver an oral

presentation. International journal of surgery. Oncology2(6), e25.




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