How does fast food contribute to obesity in children?

Note: Be sure to review the examples and hints provided with each step! Your answers should be similar to the examples.

Step 1: Select Your Research Question

3. How does fast food contribute to obesity in children?
How will Step 1 be graded? Step 1 will not receive a grade.

Step 2: Select Your Search Terms

A. Identifying Key Concepts

List the three key concepts (words, phrases, or both) that best describe the main concepts of your selected research question from Step 1.

Key Concept 1 Key Concept 2 Key Concept 3
Fast food Obesity Children

Example: For the research question “How can marketing on the Internet be effective for a small business?” the key concepts are: marketing, Internet, small business

Hint: Refer to module 1 for key concepts.

Instructor Comments

Great job picking out the three key concepts!

Additional Comments

B. Brainstorming Alternative/Related Terms

Review the key concepts you listed in each of the boxes above (Step 2, Part A) and identify alternative terms/synonyms or related terms for each key concept in the appropriate box below.

Key Concept 1
Alternative/Related Terms
Key Concept 2
Alternative/Related Terms
Key Concept 3
Alternative/Related Terms
nourishment, nutrients, diet, reckless, loose fatness, heaviness, size kids, families, youngsters

Example: For the research question example in Step 2, Part A:

  • Key Concept 1: marketing
  • Key Concept 1 Alternative/Related Terms: branding, advertising, promotion

Hint: Refer to module 1 for a review of identifying alternative/related terms (keywords) for key concepts.

How will Step 2 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0 points): Does not demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of the research question or identify any relevant alternative/related terms or synonyms.

Satisfactory (1–4 points): Does not correctly list the three key concepts from the research question in Part A and identifies only one relevant alternative/related term or synonym for each key concept listed in Part B.

Excellent (5 points): Accurately lists three key concepts of the research question, thus demonstrating an understanding of the research question, and identifies two or more relevant alternative/related terms for each key concept, indicating some creative brainstorming.

Instructor Comments

You did not correctly identify alternative/related terms for all the key concepts. Please review identifying related terms (keywords) in week 1.

Additional Comments

Some alternate keywords for fast food: junk food, fried foods, convenience foods

Try to become more detail-oriented by correctly identifying the keywords in a research question and then alternate keywords for them. Stay on track.

Step 2 Grade


Step 3: Create a Search Statement

Using all of the key concepts you identified in Step 2, Part A and some of the keywords (alternative/related terms) you identified in Step 2, Part B, create a search statement that effectively uses Boolean operators and advanced searching techniques (nesting, truncation, phrase searching).

(Fast food OR obesity) AND kids

Example: (marketing OR branding OR advertis*) AND (Internet OR Web) AND (“small business” OR entrepreneurship)

Hint: Refer to module 1 for a review of Boolean operators, search statements, and advanced searching techniques.

How will Step 3 be graded?

Unsatisfactory (0–1 points): Does not construct a reasonable search statement.

Satisfactory (2–4 points): Constructs a basic search statement that effectively uses Boolean operators to connect key concepts.

Excellent (5 points): Effectively uses Boolean operators and advanced searching techniques (nesting, truncation, phrase searching) to construct a search statement with no spelling errors.

Instructor Comments

Overall: Nice start, but this search statement could use more advanced searching techniques.
Phrase Searching: Remember that phrases must be in quotation marks. Please review phrase searching in week 1.
Truncation: Please review truncation in week 1.

Additional Comments

Please incorporate the following revisions along with alternate keywords into your RL part 2 search statement. You identified some good alternate keywords above, why not use them? For example,

(“fast food” or “junk food”) and (obes* or fat* or overweight) and (child* or kids or teen*)

Step 3 Grade


Overall Research Log Project Part 1 Comments

Please thoroughly review the comments I made to Research Log Project Part 1, as well as the course weeks, before attempting Research Log Project Part 2.
Points were deducted for the log being submitted late.

Additional Comments

I suggest using new alternate keywords in your log 2 search statement based on a review of database search results. You should review the search statement writing process especially the identification of alternate keywords for a research question.

In RL2, be certain to read the directions and provide the requested information accurately. Also, in RL 2, be sure that your search statement works and that the article cited is in the results list so that your instructor can verify it.

Keep up the good work, and review advanced search techniques in module 1.

-4 points for late submission
4 RL1 grade


above is my orignal responses and my professor comments.  undrneathis the new assignment so you have to plug in things from the orignal log and then do therevision.


Instructions: Work through each step of this log, answering each question as the directions indicate. Step 1 is not graded. Steps 2 through 5 will each receive a grade, and the sum of these grades will constitute your total grade for Research Log Project Part 2. Refer to the section on how each step of the log will be graded for detailed grading information.

Step 1: Thinking Back to Research Log Project Part 1




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