Essay on Representation in Media and Entertainment

Essay on Representation in Media and Entertainment

You will do research on Representation in the Media and Entertainment and write a 3-4 page essay answering the question:
What is my personal responsibility to the way media and entertainment portrays marginalized identities? (People of Color, Women, African Americans/Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ, etc)

Instructions on Getting Started

First, begin by making sure you understand what Representation in the Media and Entertainment is=How our own identity (Hispanic Female, Black Male, Queer Person, etc) and cultures are presented in popular and mainstream media: TV, Film, LIterature, Art, Theatre, Magazines, etc. -does not include social media.Then, before you have determined your thesis do your research (because you can’t make an educated argument if you haven’t done research).  You must do research, you can’t write this essay with only your existing knowledge.  Here are some research topics:

  • Hollywood Diversity Report-will give you statistics on % by race and gender
  • How minorities are represented in film and television
  • Effects of TV on Minorities
  • Effects of TV race and gender
  • Women and Advertising
  • How women are portrayed in film
  • Masculinity in TV and Film
  • Homophobia and the effects on Queer Youth
  • Representation of Mexicans (insert any identity) in the Media

Highlight your research and make notes as you come to your conclusion about the question:What is my personal responsibility to the way media and entertainment portrays marginalized identities (People of Color, Women, African Americans/Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ, etc)?In this essay you will need to both explain the context/situation/issue AND explain your responsibility

Create an Outline You not submit the outline but it will strengthen your essay

  1. Think about how you would introduce this topic.  What’s some important context to consider (social and political events of the past or happening now)
  2. Based on the research, what do you think we should do as individuals to improve the situation?
  3. Find 3 examples from the research that back up your argument
  4. Find 2 examples in the research that go against your argument
  5. Why is this topic important?  What are the Consequences?

Now Write your paper (grading guidelines below…read carefully)

Unsure of how to write a research paper?  You can visit the library and one of our friendly librarians can help you!!  Or use their online research guide.Length and Formatting

  • Please only use up 2 lines for your name, title and professor
  • Paper must be a MINIMUM of 3-5 FULL pages and follow the following formatting:  1″ Margins, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double spaced
  • If you do not follow the length and formatting guidelines, your paper will be returned to you and will not be graded.

Grading Rubric:1st Paragraph-Introduction  (5 points)

  • Introduce the topic and provide some context-what is important to note about our history, society, economy, institutions, etc in order to fully understand the topic?
  • Summarize briefly what you found in the research.
  • State your thesis (Give your answer to the question at hand). Don’t know what a thesis is? You will state clearly what do you think should be done about the situation/issue.

2nd Paragraph-Supporting Evidence #1 (5 points)

  • Provide 3 reasons with supporting evidence from the research to support your thesis
  • Why do you think you hold this position?

3rd Paragraph-Considering the Other Side  (5 points)

  • What do those that disagree with you say/think?
  • Provide at least 2 arguments that back them up from the research.
  • *Make sure you are clear about when you are using a statement that you believe and when you are stating the other side

4th Paragraph-Consequences (5 points)

  • Why is this topic important to consider?
  • What is complex about this tipic
  • What are the effects or consequences of not considering this topic?
  • What might be the impact if your action succeeds and things change?

5th Paragraph-Conclusion (5 points)

  • Summarize your argument and reflect on how your thinking changed after doing the research.

Citations (5 points)

  • 5 sources must be cited in the Essay.
  • You must use diverse sources (academic writings, journals, news outlets,blogs and websites, etc)
  • Do not use more than one non-credible source (blog from a non-expert, opinion pieces, etc)
  • You must also provide a Works Cited Page.

Research  Your paper will not be graded if this requirement is not met

  • Research must be summarized or analyzed in YOUR OWN WORDS.
  • If you quote the research, please do not quote more than 1-2 sentences.
  • When you do quote the research, you must then explain it or analyze it.  It cannot stand alone.
  • Plagiarism will cause you to receive a 0 on this assignment.




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