employee benefit issues in the hospitality industry.

Part 1

Carter Deli Restaurant – The New Benefit Plan

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the employee benefit issues in the hospitality industry.

Skills: As a result of completing this assignment, you will practice written communication. Access and collect the needed information from appropriate primary sources to support your answers to the Carter Deli benefit plans.
Knowledge: Students will gain knowledge of employee assistant programs and benefits in the hospitality industry.

Task: In order to complete this assignment:

Read the following case:
Carter Deli Restaurant has traditionally provided only legislatively required benefits for its employees. These include participation in the state’s unemployment compensation program, Social Security, and worker’s compensation (which is provided through the same insurance carrier that insures the company for such hazards as theft and fire). The principals of the firm – Jack, Jennifer and their families – have individual family-supplied health and life insurance. At the present time, Jennifer can see several potential problems with the company’s policies regarding benefits and services. First, she wants to do a study to determine whether similar companies’ experiences with providing health and life insurance benefits suggest they enable these firms to reduce employee turnover and perhaps pay lower wages. Jennifer is also concerned with the fact that at the present time the company has no formal policy regarding vacations or paid days off or sick leave. Informally, at least, it is understood that employees get one week vacation after one year’s work, but in the past the policy regarding paid vacation for days such as New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day has been very inconsistent. Sometimes employees who had been on the job only two or three weeks were paid fully for one of these holidays, while at other times employees who had been with the firm for six months or more had been paid for only half a day. Jennifer knows that this policy must be made more consistent. She also wonders whether it would be advisable to establish some type of day care center for the employees’ children. She knows that many of the employees’ children either have no place to go during the day (they are pre-schoolers) or have no place to go after school, and she wonders whether a benefit such as day care would be in the best interests of the company.

Answer the following questions:
1. Draw up a policy statement regarding vacations, sick leave, and paid-days off for Carter Deli Restaurant.  Cite at least 2 references for this question.
2. List at least two advantages and two disadvantages (you can always find more) to Carter Deli Restaurant of providing its employees with health, hospitalization and life insurance programs.  Cite at least 2 references for this question.
3. Describe the steps Jennifer should go through to determine whether a day care center would be advisable for the company?

Please put the number of the question you are answering before your answer.

Be sure to put the reference list in your assignment using APA formatting.

Please cite your source. The minimum information that must be included in the citation is the following:

  • If printed or electronic journal article: Title of Article, Title of Journal, Date and Issue number (if available).
  • If web site: Title of article or company and website address.

Criteria for Success: A successful assignment will have the following characteristics:

  • Sources must have a publication date within the last 5 years.
  • Sources will be cited at the end of your discussion using APA format.
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and professional language are used.

– 350 words minimum

Part 2

Company Code of Ethics

The purpose of this assignment is to select a companies code of ethics. You will post the code of ethics you have found in this discussion forum.

The goal of this discussion is to be able to review the code of ethics for many different organizations. Try to not select the same organization as another student, if you can.

In part 2 of the assignment, you will be completing an analysis and reflection on the code of ethics you found!

Discussion post:

1.) Select any hospitality-related business.  It can be one you work for or one you would like to work for or just any hospitality-related business.

2.) Make sure the company you select meets the following criteria: It must have a written code of ethics!

3.) Post the company name and code of ethics in your response. Explain why you chose this organization.

– 350 words minimum




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