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The objective of this assignment is to familiarize students with the OSHA 300 log and 300A by applying existing Part 1904 Recordkeeping rules. Students will prepare the required OSHA 300 log, and 300 A summary reports for the incidents contained herein. You will have to review OSHA Part 1904 in its entirety to learn how to properly record and complete the OSHA injury records. Download a copy of the excel OSHA 300 log, 300A summary provided in the Module 3 OSHA Recordkeeping Materials folder in Moodle. Note you do not have to complete the 301 injury supplement. A listing of incident facts is provided below for your analysis in this assignment. You will need to determine if each incident meets the recordability criteria of OSHA and properly record the incident on the OSHA 300 log and complete the annual 300A summary.


You are working for a safety consulting firm that contracts compliance services to small businesses. Your mission is to help ABC Roofing Company comply with Part 1904 OSHA recordkeeping rules for the year ending 2018. The company office is located at 1234 Park Ave, Houma, LA 70360. There are 100 full time workers and the company has a total of 200,000 work hours logged for the calendar year ending 12/31/2018. The NAICS code for this company is 23816 Roofing Contractors. You will need this to look up the industry TRIR and DART rates. The company has provided a listing of all incidents that have occurred during 2018 but is not sure which should be recorded on the OSHA logs. All incidents occurred in OSHA jurisdiction for recordkeeping purposes. You duty is to comply with the 1904 recordkeeping rules and complete the OSHA 300 and 300A summary accurately for the client.

In addition, Mr. Tim Smith, ABC Construction Company President, has asked you to compare ABC Roofing’s OSHA incident rates to the industry average for Total Recordable Rates and Cases with days away from work, job restriction or transfer (DART Rate) using the latest available BLS data. For purposes of this assignment, use the following link to the bureau of Labor Statistics for injury and illness rates published as of 2017. https://www.bls.gov/web/osh/summ1_00.htm

Look up NAICS code in second column for roofing contractors and locate the total recordable cases column and Total column for days away from work, rob restriction or transfer.  This is what you will benchmark ABC Roofing’s experience to as described herein.

Note the incident rate represent the number of injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers and were calculated as: (N/EH) x 200,000, where
N = number of injuries and illnesses
EH = total hours worked by all employees during the calendar year
200,000 = base for 100 equivalent full-time workers (working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year)

In your memo you must specifically include a table and or chart of Total Recordable Incident Rates and Days Away Restricted and Transfer (DART) rates and compare it to benchmark information. From this you should clearly be able to conclude it the company experience is the same, better or worse than industry.  You may need to do some research to learn how to calculate incident rates. Refer to Incident Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool handout in Moodle for additional guidance.  https://safetymanagementgroup.com/resources/incident-rate-calculator/

You will ultimately produce the OSHA 300 log, 300A Summary and create a memo using MS WORD for Mr. Smith that explains OSHA record posting requirements and document retention rules for the 300 log, 300 A summary and 301 Incident report including time frame if any that you have to keep these records.

Here are the cases that occurred. You must determine if the meet the recordability requirements of Part 1904 and correctly record these on the OSHA 300 and 300A logs.  Refer to OSHA website for additional guidance and letters of interpretation to accurate determine recordability of the following 10 incidents.


1. 1/21/18– Tom Jones, carpenter hurt his back lifting plywood in the shop and was admitted to ER. The doctor prescribed pain killers. He could not return to work for 20 days and the doctor then placed him on restricted duty for 20 days.


2. 2/14/18 – James Jones, a receiving clerk was cutting plastic banding straps on a bundle of 2 by 4 with knife in shop. Mr. Jones was not wearing the proper gloves which resulted in a cut on the left top of hand. The safety coordinator treated the cut with butterfly band aid. Mr. Jones returned to normal duty without future incident.

Note: The determination of medical treatment and first aid is always difficult to determine. For this case, refer to OSHA Interpretations to verify your answer here.

3.  3/8/18 – Susie Smith, Office manager was making bank deposit in her personal vehicle for the company and was involved in car accident in route to the bank and broke her neck. She spent 14 days in the hospital and then could not return to work for another 260 days.

4. 4/20/18 –Billy Bob, construction superintend was walking down a set of stairs at the shop and slipped on the stairs and twisted his ankle. The doctor checked him out and x-rayed his ankle. He was then released to go back to work but doctor prescribed that he wear a ridged boot to support his ankle for 30 days. Billy Bob decided not to wear the boot and resumed normal duties.




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