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American writers have a long and illustrious history, with some of the world’s most famous authors among them. Plays, novels, and poems are the main writing in the United States, with an increasing number of women, Native Americans, Hispanics, and African Americans making a significant contribution. Since the beginning of American literature in 1607, it has evolved through four periods (realism, naturalism, and postmodern). Due to this evolution, these four periods will be discussed to reveal who is an American writer during each movement.   Realism    In American literature, realism refers to the period from the civil war until the century when American writers wrote fiction dedicated to accurate representation and exploration of American lives in different contexts. Due to the rapid growth of the United States after the civil war as shown at literature assignment help, there was an increase in literacy and democracy, population increase caused by immigration, and rapid development of industrialism and urbanization. This significant shift in the U.S. led to a comparative rise in middle-class fortunes to provide a fertile literacy environment for readers interested in understanding the rapid culture change. To satisfy the increasing number of readers, American writers had similar writing characteristics to what was happening and is likely during the realism period and in the future. While writing, they used different literary realism such as social, magical, kitchen sink, socialist, and psychological realism.    In Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses work, Mark Twain uses psychological realism to criticize James Fenimore Cooper’s writing. Twain starts by quoting a few critics who have supported the work of Cooper. The main issue with the supporters is that they do not have the novels because Cooper’s work is inaccurate. Twain argues that Cooper has achieved 114 out of a potential 115 infractions towards literary art in one location in Deerslayer and the limited span of two-thirds of a page. Further on, Twain list 18 different literacy offenses that he feels were committed by Cooper. One violated literacy that governs romantic fiction is “That a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere (Twain 1343).” This rule was violated as Deerslayer did not accomplish anything, and it arrived in the air. The criticism provided by Twain in the work shows that he was an American writer as they are based on real things that can happen in life. Additionally, Booker T. Washington qualifies to be an American writer as he used socialist realism to fight for African-Americans’ rights. Washington existed in the post-reconstruction era south, and during this time, it was challenging for black people. Racial segregation was widespread during this time, such that black people had no right to vote, education, and access to jobs. During this time Ku Klux Klan started to advocate for their civil rights. This led to Washington delivering his most famous speech on 18th September 1985, where he told Whites that African-Americans needed self-improvement, whereby common labor should be dignified and glorified. Additionally, Washington felt that it was better for blacks and whites to remain separated as long as the black community had access to education, economic progress, and justice within the U.S judiciary. This speech led him to have a rivalry with W.E.B. Du Bois rejected his demands on the address (Washington 1763). All these Washington’s beliefs and rivalry with W.E.B Du Bois qualified him to be an American writer as he was writing about what was happening to him and people of his race.    In Native American Assimilation and a Reemerging Tradition, Francis Parkman shows that he is an American writer of social realism to narrate the behavior of tribes of people after colonization. He tells about the first group of people who get easily assimilated and forget about their culture and shift to the colonizers’ practices. The second group he describes is the Indians, who demonstrate great strength in continuing their cultural practices after colonization (Parkman 1322). This group is strictly unwilling to change regardless of being forced by their colonizers. Additionally, in the same reading, President Andrew Johnson is realistic as a leader during the era when people were brought assimilated to Christianity. In the reading, he sent a message to Congress demanding immediate execution by the sword for people who rejected civilization (Johnson 1322). Parkman and Johnson are writing about realities during the realism period, making them American writers.   Naturalism Naturalism refers to thought made to glorify nature and exclude spiritual and supernatural elements with close adherence to the spirit in literature. Towards the 19th century, American writers shifted from realism to naturalism because it was more advanced. Additionally, naturalism was progressive as it was more detailed than realism to suggest inescapability forces of heredity, environment, and social conditions that shape human character. The main reason for shifting was to bring new ideas to convince the reading public with something new and modern. For an individual to qualify to be an American writer during the naturalism period, they should have been influenced by Charles Darwin’s evolution theory. In addition to influence, there were determinism, objectivism, pessimism, and a surprising twist at the end of the story.   See  https://onlyassignmenthelp.com/tag/psychology-assignment-help/    Edith Wharton is considered an American writer due to naturalist traits in her writing. She was born during Civil War into New York’s aristocracy and lived through turbulent changes in the American society of the late 19th and 20th centuries (Wharton 1747). Due to the skills she acquired as an anthropology and philosophy student, Wharton presents literary situations and characters that show America’s changing social customs shifting from a mercantile society to an industrial one. Wharton’s keen sense of observation character sheds light on the human moral experience. Additionally, she has characters who are usually tragic figures for those who seek freedom but are incapable of changing forces that hinder them from their fates. Further on, Wharton has the role of social historian that depicts the likelihood of environment and heredity to suppress and capture individuals pursuing self-determination. Her precise observation of society and the focus on its deciding influence on the course of human existence places Wharton in a unique position leading to being a naturalist.  Writing assignment help has many ideas about this topic. Jack London is considered one of the greatest and most popular naturalists among American writers. He was among the first writers to shift to realistic fiction and realism in American literature. His qualification to be an American Writer was due to his profound influence from Darwin’s works of constant struggle in nature and the survival of the fittest. For instance, in his novel The Call of the Wild, he ultimately shows philosophical naturalism (London 1838). The novel’s plot involves previous domestication and a pampered dog called Buck, whose ancient instincts return after numerous events. To show naturalism’s character, the environment plays a crucial role in the novel. The analysis of the book reveals that the environment controls the life of dogs and wolves. This is a clear indication that London has a deep understanding of the environment through expressing naturalism. Due to naturalism expression in the novel, London qualifies to be an American writer in that era. Although Edwin Arlington Robison was a famous poet, he qualifies to be an American writer as some of his work was about personal life. Unlike other poets, Robison dared to write about his doomed sense of life (Robison 1805). Additionally, in one of his most famous poems Richard Cory, he evaluates the world-warping pitfalls that involve knowing other people’s minds. In the poem, a chronicles sequence of assumptions made by a tragic chorus comprised of the impoverished residents of a tiny hamlet, perceiving and speaking collectively. Further on, the poem narrates that the locals are envious of Cory’s affluence, gentlemanly demeanor, and “human” affability. Finally, they implicitly project stability and contentment onto someone who, much to their surprise, returns home “one quiet July night” to “place a bullet through his skull.” This is a precise fulfillment of determinism characteristics making Robinson an American writer. Modernism     In the early 20th century, western countries experienced intensified advances in science and technology, leading to unprecedented progress. Additionally, World War I destructions and great depressions caused widespread suffering in America. All these contradictory impulses revolve around the modernism period, which is usually a radical break from the past. This break was characterized by destruction because it led to the loss of faith in traditional beliefs and structures. Due to contradictory impulses in the modernism period, it is considered one of the most productive and richest in American literature.




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