Discuss Industrial Organization in Manufacturing

I need help with an assignment from the class (Industrial Organization in Manufacturing) that I am taking. I need it to be 100% your word. I need it to have ZREO plagiarism. No citation needed, since it’s your own thoughts and opinions from the topic, It is important to NOT cope or explain the thoughts and opinions of the chapter or others (t’s your own thoughts and opinions). Need it in 10 hours. Attached is the chapter from the book that you need to use in this assignment.



The assignment instructions are below:


First Part :


(In 200 word each write about the following):


1- The chapter discusses team obstacles and offers suggested actions for overcoming these obstacles.  Study Exhibit 11-5 and share any experience you have with the obstacles or the actions to help create a more effective team.  Can you suggest any other actions for the obstacles listed in this Exhibit?


2- Studies of effective teams have found that they contain a small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, common goals, and a common working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.



Second Part:


(In the class, I need to respond to the answers of four students from the first part. To explain it more, my classmates some of them answered the question. What you have to do is read them, then respond to it. The respond is like what you think about what he wrote. Also Like do you agree or disagree with what he wrote, what do you like about it and what you can add to his opinions and thoughts. (FYI try to be positive (like agree with him) and also be respectful)



(In 200 word each write a respond about the following):


(from Q1)

1- Organizations and teams are not immune to facing obstacles and struggles while working together. The study demonstrates the different obstacles that are often faced and suggested actions that could be taken upon to fix those issues. While working in groups I experienced several of the mentioned obstacles, and we were able to overcome those obstacles by using some of the suggested actions mentioned. Nobody in the group knew about these at the time, but we could have found this study helpful when resolving the team issues faced. Shrinking of responsibilities was one that occurred often because there were some people who were more dominant than the others and took over more responsibilities than they had to. Due to this, there was lack of trust and that affected our team productivity a lot. To solve this problem, we attempted to remind ourselves our purpose and distributing the tasks evenly so that everyone has the same amount of work to do. In some cases, it was not possible to evenly distribute the tasks because of their level of complexity, therefore we assigned two people who were more familiar in the areas so that we would be able to get it done. It would have helped if we would have been more encouraging towards to one another and imposing a clearer purpose from the beginning so that we would have a clear purpose of all that we had to do. There are many solutions to overcoming these obstacles and some of them may require the supervisor’s creativity, depending on the task. For example, if small rewards would have been used in the group, then that would have motivated people to do their best so that we would be able to obtain those rewards. They could have been as simple as going out to eat or ordering pizza when we got a certain thing done.




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