Determine which tasks are on the critical path.

  1. Refer to exercise 9 in chapter 6 of the textbook. Read the assignment thoroughly and analyze the data provided in the diagram.

Using Microsoft Project, compute the project network diagram and proper timing to complete the project. Address all required information in the description presented in exercise 9. In addition, respond to the following questions:

  1. Determine which tasks are on the critical path. How long will it take to complete the project (hint: note that Microsoft Project provides this information)?
  2. A task that is on the critical path for this project has increased by 7 days.  Will the project end date be delayed? If so, by how much?

Place your responses into a Microsoft Word file.  APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this portion of the assignment to LopesWrite.

  1. Complete Chapter 6, Exercise 18 (Optical Disk Pre-installation Project) in Larson and Gray. Use Microsoft Project and create a project schedule based on the information provided in the problem.  Will the project be completed in 45 weeks?  In your Microsoft Project file, insert a text box in the Gantt bar area (go to FORMAT – DRAWING – TEXT BOX) and place your response in the text box.

Submit your Microsoft Word file and your two Microsoft Project files.  Ensure that your last name is in your file names.

9. You are creating a customer database for the Hillsboro Hops minor league baseball team. Draw a project network given the information in the table that follows. Complete the forward and backward pass, compute activity slack, and identify the critical path. How long will this project take? How sensitive is the network schedule? Calcu-late the free slack and total slack for all noncritical activities. Chapter 6 Developing a Project Plan 193ID Description Predecessor Time (days)A Systems design None 2B Subsystem A design A 1C Subsystem B design A 1D Subsystem C design A 1E Program A B 2F Program B C 2G Program C D 2H Subsystem A test E 1I Subsystem B test F 1J Subsystem C test G 1K Integration H, I, J 3L Integration test K 110. K. Nelson, project manager of Print Software, Inc., wants you to prepare a project network; compute the early, late, and slack activity times; determine the planned project duration; and identify the critical path. His assistant has collected the fol-lowing information for the Color Printer Drivers Software Project:ID Description Predecessor TimeA External specifications None 8B Review design features A        2C Document new features A        3D Write software A      60E Program and test B      40F Edit and publish notes C        2G Review manual D        2H Alpha site E, F  20I Print manual G      10J Beta site H, I   10K Manufacture J       12L Release and ship K        311. * A large Southeast city is requesting federal funding for a park-and-ride project. One of the requirements in the request application is a network plan for the design phase of the project. Sophie Kim, the chief engineer, wants you to develop a proj-ect network plan to meet this requirement. She has gathered the activity time esti-mates and their dependencies shown here. Show your project network with the activity early, late, and slack times. Mark the critical path.ID Description Predecessor TimeA Survey None 5B Soils report A 20C Traffic design A D Lot layout A 5E Approve design B, C, D 80F Illumination E 15G Drainage E 30H Landscape E 25I Signage E 15J Bid proposal F, G, H, I 10* The solution to this exercise can be found in Appendix One.Lar66093_ch06_162-205.indd 19315/10/16 2:04 PMProject Management: The Managerial Process, Seventh Ed

18. The optical disk project team has started gathering the information necessary to develop the project network—predecessor activities and activity times in weeks. The results of their meeting are found in the following table.Activity Description Duration Predecessor   1 Define scope   6 None                    2 Define customer problems  3 1                           3 Define data records and relationships  5 1                           4 Mass storage requirements  5 2, 3                       5 Consultant needs analysis 10 2, 3                       6 Prepare installation network  3 4, 5                       7 Estimate costs and budget  2 4, 5                       8 Design section “point” system  1 4, 5                       9 Write request proposal  5 4, 5                      10 Compile vendor list  3 4, 5                      11 Prepare mgmt. control system  5 6, 7                      12 Prepare comparison report  5  9, 10                     13 Compare system “philosophies”  3 8, 12                    14 Compare total installation  2 8, 12                    15 Compare cost of support  3 8, 12                    16 Compare customer satisfaction level 10 8, 12                    17 Assign philosophies points  1 13                        18 Assign installation cost  1 14                        19 Assign support cost  1 15                       20 Assign customer satisfaction points  1 16                        21 Select best system  1 11, 17, 18, 19, 2022 Order system  1 21




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