“Describe the system of stratification for that identity in the United States.



“Describe the system of stratification for that identity in the United States.

The system stratification of the body difference comes to us in the form of racial differences in the United States. When a woman is obese in American, they are considered fat, not to be looked at anything else but that. Some people assume that because you are of larger size that all you do is eat and are lazy when that is not the case. But the thinner you are your most valued then a woman that is heavier. The negative attitudes that people get from being overweight is widespread situation.

How do the media generally portray this identity group? Do the media representations convey any messages about which members of this group society values most?

Media play a vital role in everything that goes on to how you look, the size of your body, to the latest trends. The media perceive that thin is the ideal look for a woman to become successful and places great importance on how women should look. The media is platform for women to seek out images of what they want to look like, and to search for diet and exercise advice and a outlet through which women can perform comparisons with their peers and celebrities As everyone knows every commercial that you watch for a new product, they put the face of a smaller woman instead of a heavier on. Even though the most casual glimpse at the portrayal of modern women in U. S. advertising, fashion, television, music videos, and films reveal a dual stereotype (Sidel,1990). As people we construct our identities through the media images. And when the media exposes our young girl to the ideal of what a woman should look like this makes them not happy with their bodies. And once one is not happy with their body, they start doing plastic surgery and alterations to the body.

Explain how the media representations either reinforce or challenge the associated stratification system.

When it comes to media this is where everyone goes to find the latest trends. People relies on media for the newest products, fashion, and news it runs the world. I believe that media challenges the stratification of body size. Through media the society depicts it standards of beauty putting lots of pressure on young girls and how they should look. What the media wants us to believe is that your beautiful only if you are thin. Some media is a negative image for our young girls because leads to stat to body shame themselves that can lead to unhealthy disorders. Most often we do not look at our body problem as a personal issue the problem comes from the pressure of the media and society.

What beauty ideals do the media in the United States reinforce for men? For women?

As Americans we are confronted with what the images of handsome men and beautiful women are supposed to look like. It is all pressure and unrealistic that all men must have a six pack for ab, the muscle arms, and work out 24 hours of the day. Males are also being pressure to be more muscular. It portrasy men to being aggressive and always in charge and the ideal beauty of a women is to be thin, have a nice behind, and big breast, with smooth great skin, it is all just an image of what society wants us to believe. The mass media is the most powerful way to spread these images that represent sociocultural ideals (Tiggemann, 2005). The pressure is heavy when media puts value that all women and men should be this perfect ten. One commercial I can remember is the Mr. Clean commercial the mom is daydreaming, and Mr. Clean comes alive, and they start dancing all provocative, kissing, and then they touch themselves that is to much for a cleaning product.

Describe one real-life consequence for either men or women who do not meet society’s beauty ideals that are reinforced by the media.

A male in the United States faces consequences like being shamed if you are a gay man. Some men feel as thought their masculinity is being question if they are gay. Like in sports because if you are gay it is assumed that you’re not man enough to play any sports. Society at times can make it hard for one to be who they are. When one is gay it can cause them not to be hire because of the way of them dressing in female clothing. It is sad how America is subject to shaming those who are not the ideal person of society.”



“Hello class and professor,

The two social identities I am choosing to talk about are body size and sexuality. Body size stratification in the United States is like being obese or anorexic. Being too big gets you the label of being fat, lazy, over eater, and unhealthy. Society labels anorexic people as unhealthy, too skinny, or a drug addict. Society labels obese and anorexic people these things without thinking about that there could be other reasons they are obese or anorexic. These other reasons could be that they have medical problems, big bones, or just can not seem to lose the weight no matter how hard they try. Sexuality stratification in the United States is labeling people who do not identify as straight as being morally wrong, having mental health issues, or being confused. Society has come a long way with accepting people who are not straight, but there are still plenty of people who think it is a sin and morally wrong. Society should not judge people on who they love, but they do.

Media shows skinny woman and muscular men. This shows people that these types of woman and men are what everyone should look like. They have one specific look that they think is beautiful or handsome. Sexuality, according to Chris Livesey (2007) “Transgressive sexualities (forms of sexuality that cut across gender categories) tend to both lack expression in the media and invite scorn, derision or fear” (Pg. 7). The media portrays sexuality that is not straight as something to be afraid of and not something to accept and approve of. No one needs approval to love who they want, but society makes it so gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders to name a few, to be afraid and ashamed of letting others know who they really are as a person. “Mclean notes: “…sly homophobia is still rife…the fact [Pop idol winner, Will Young’s] coming out was seen as a ‘confession’  …is indicative of the idea that homosexuality is something of a sin, a foible to be ‘admitted’ (does anyone, for example, ever have to “confess” or “admit” to being heterosexual?)”)” (Livesey, C. 2007, Pg. 7).

The beauty ideals that the media in the United States puts on woman and men are that woman are not beautiful or pretty unless they are a certain size, no fat, perfect skin with no blemishes on it, and a certain size butt and breasts. The media portrays men as muscular, tall, and also has no flaws on their skin. This leads to young and older men and woman to have unhealthy beauty ideas that they think they need to change themselves because the media does not show their size or flaws. This can lead to men and woman of all ages to become obsessed with trying to be the “perfect” person. People take dieting supplements, exercise to the extreme, diet and not eat healthy, and also can lead to depression.

I do not have cable t.v. so I do not see any commercials. A advertisement I have seen on a magazine was for a cream that is supposed to get rid of wrinkles under your eyes. This to me is saying that your natural wrinkles, due to age or whatever the case may be, is not beautiful. I have seen ads for creams to make stretch marks go away as well. I get that some people do not want them on their bodies, but like myself, I have had three kids and I used to be ashamed of my body and my stretch marks because society made me feel that way. Now I see my stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, and my whole body as a work of art. It is my story of what I have been through and I do not try to change myself unless I absolutely dislike something about myself, but only because I do not like it, not because someone else does not like it. Society and the media makes you feel like if you have flaws, you are not pretty or handsome or worthy of being loved, cared for, or listened too. ”





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