Describe how alcohol impairs the individual based on range of blood alcohol levels from .06 to .40.

Directions: Copy and paste this exam into a word document. Place name at top and section. You are not allowed to discuss, gain assistance from others, share responses, or share this exam with other students at any time. Evidence of similarity will be evaluated, and integrity is expected for this exam – do not use quotes from research articles as your answer. It must be in your own words.

Please follow directions specifically. If it states one paragraph max, that means that nothing beyond 8 sentences will be used to evaluate response. Paragraphs are 5-8 sentences. Typically, each question has several parts. Make sure you reread the question, and then your response to ensure that you responded to everything. APA in-text and references will also have assigned points. Use course and outside resources.


1. Is there a safe limit of drinking while driving? Describe how alcohol impairs the individual based on range of blood alcohol levels from .06 to .40. Name and cite two science-based resources that you used to answer this question. (10 points, 2 paragraphs minimum).

2. Explain 5 reasons why alcohol prohibition was not successful. Prohibition was meant to disenfranchised specific populations. Who? How was alcohol prohibition similar to the current approach — “War on drugs?’  (min. two paragraph (10 points)

3. What are common stereotypes of those with alcohol dependency? What are the long-term consequences of stigmatizing those with alcohol dependency. What are common words that are often used to stigmatize an individual who misuse alcohol or is dependent on it. Cite references correctly with APA reference. (15 points; 3 paragraphs max)

4. Only using an appropriate federal website, what is considered heavy drinking for men and women. Provide the amounts and frequency for both. (5 points)

5. Why is it so dangerous to mix energy drinks with alcohol? Explain the rationale for your answer, and only use research or federal resources (outside resources) to support your response (5 points). Use at least two in-text citations (3 points), a complete APA citation list (2 points). Max length – 2 paragraphs. (10 points).

6. Summarize Vance’s story. Describe three events surrounding his path to recovery  (one paragraph 5-8 sentences; 10 points)

7. In this course, we covered the ICR ruler. What theory uses this strategy and what are three specific theoretical beliefs of this approach? You can go outside this course but use scientific resources. (1 paragraph, max 8 sentences; 10 points)

8. Using only specific research studies (remember do not use articles that report on someone else’s study) or federal sites, define binge drinking (2 sentences only). Why is binge drinking so detrimental to the body? Walk through  step-by step what happens in the body with excessive exposure of alcohol. (References needed, min. 2 paragraphs,15 points)

9. Explain why AA is not considered a religious program, though people who don’t understand the program assume that it is? (4 sentences min., 5 points)

10. Here is a 10′ video of Allen’s story. He walks you through his pattern of use, the consequences, and his recovery path. While his story involves alcohol and other drugs, it is a common, but powerful, story of those who are in recovery. He touches on all of the stages of change several times throughout his journey. Provide three examples (be descriptive, give the examples that he used) of contemplation — he was at this stage a few times. You must show effort and accuracy in your response based on this story.  (1 paragraph, 10 points)

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